Architects who changed the city

We work with the nation’s best Joist and decking manufacturers to ensure the most accuracy with the precise intent of the design.

Along with our structural support, the joist and deck we can provide allows for the structure to take shape and completely transform the project.

We understand the precision to make the Joist and decking structures work, this is why we work in tune with our engineers and designers to ensure the margin of error is none.

We love design beautiful things.

From Design to Install, Capitol Steel has always worked restlessly to ensure that our service and quality of work stands out from the rest. Working hand in hand with Structural engineers and detailers allows us to work more efficiently and allow their designs to take life.

Our experienced crews of certified welders, erectors, and operators work with the utmost professionalism and efficiency to allow for a quick turn around without any errors.

Feel free to contact us and inquire about any item you may be needing.

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1 (305) 633-5008



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Mon - Fri 8:00 - 5:00,
Sat & Sun - Closed


2188 NW 25 Avenue
Miami FL 33142

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