From Design to Install, Capitol Steel has always worked restlessly to ensure that our service and quality of work stands out from the rest. Working hand in hand with Structural engineers and detailers allows us to work more efficiently and allow their designs to take life.

Our experienced crews of certified welders, erectors, and operators work with the utmost professionalism and efficiency to allow for a quick turn around without any errors.


With our stronghold as a structural steel company, we specialize in heavy structures for new and existing build outs.

Structural steel columns, I beams, channels and angles. As well as any combination to add support, we can provide the material and the service to  complete the job in a timely and efficient fashion.

From Design: 

Hilton 3D
Hilton Hotel Collection, Key West. 3D Concept drawing.










To Build:

Hilton Hotel Collection, Key West. Erection progress.


Club “AMNESIA”, Miami Beach.

We work with the nation’s best Joist and decking manufacturers to ensure the most accuracy with the precise intent of the design.

Along with our structural support, the joist and deck we can provide allows for the structure to take shape and completely transform the project.


We understand the precision to make the Joist and decking structures work, this is why we work in tune with our engineers and designers to ensure the margin of error is none.


Planet Fitness, Festival Plaza, Miami.

We manufacture and install our stairs. Our fabricators precise attention to detail allow for us to fabricate a stair off measurements and drawings, and make our install simple.

We also work with a variety of materials in order to accommodate to site conditions.


Capitol Steel isn’t only focusing on the now but also on the future. When looking into new technologies and energy alternatives, the sunny weather of beautiful South Florida allows for us to vest into solar energy.

We have built relationships with one of the best Solar Panel manufacturers and suppliers and this relationship has allowed us to make our way into the alternative energy sector.

We can fabricate and install the solar array structure to allow the panels to be mounted on, this technology has already been incorporated into our projects such as the Key West City Hall, in West, and our very own warehouse in Miami, FL.




We are proud of our projects and the trust our clients have placed in us. Our vast list of projects is a testament to our knowledge and capabilities and no matter the challenge, Capitol Steel has always been able to take care of the situation.

Notable Clients:

  • Americaribe/Moriarty – Brickell City Center
  • Brodson Construction
  • Burke Construction
  • Cuesta Construction
  • John Moriarty and Associates
  • The 22 Group
  • RCC Associates
  • VCC
  • Blanton Construction
  • Beauchamp Construction
  • Cannatelli Builders
  • Mckenzie Construction
  • Division 3
  • MJM
  • TI/CON Building Systems
  • HITT Contracting
  • Amicon Construction
  • Facchina

Some of our notable projects include:

  • Brickell City Center
  • Key West City Hall
  • Hilton Hotel Collection in Key West, FL
  • Various Stores at Bal Harbour Shops
  • Zara at Lincoln Road
  • AAA Arena-Miami Heat Hydrotherapy Room
  • Louis Vuitton at Miami Design District
  • Zegna at Miami Design District
  • OMEGA boutique at Miami Design District
  • Christian Dior at Miami Design District
  • Loewe Gallery at Miami Design District
  • Komodo at 801 Brickell
  • Saks Fifth Ave at Brickell City Center
  • Quinto at Brickel City Center
  • L’occitane at Lincoln Road
  • CIBO Wine bar at Miami Beach
  • Sherbroke Hotel Penthouse addition at Miami Beach
  • 120 Ocean building at Miami Beach

This is just a short list of clients and projects, our jobs speak for themselves!



Our shop also fabricates a variety of ready to build-prefabricated items. As well as taking care of miscellaneous work that may be needed in order to complete and close out a project.

These items are not limited to:

  • Bollards
  • Corner Guards
  • Access Ladders
  • A/C Covers
  • Embeds
  • Misc Prefabbed columns
  • Outriggers
  • Stock Material
  • Bar Grating

Feel free to contact us and inquire about any item you may be needing.

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